• Archipelago Botanicals offers sensual, invigorating, and soothing body products and scented candles in elegant packaging. Enter into an exotic and distant realm with scented candles like Tibetan Amber from Archipelago Botanicals Candles. Their candles combine a 50 percent soy wax blend with lead-free wicks, natural fragrances and essential oils. Enjoy environmentally sensitive products that will benefit both you and your surroundings. Their votive candle set will be especially appreciated by family and guests alike.

    Archipelago Botanicals Milk Lotion - Oat will transform the appearance and texture of the skin. It features a lotion that will hydrate and heal while avoiding any greasy feel. Infuse your skin with moisture that will last and last. Feel refreshed, renewed and energized. "It moisturizes without leaving my skin greasy or oily, provides a subtle fragrance, and requires only a small amount of product to provide moisture.”– Anonymous, Apothica Customer

    The Archipelago Botanicals Signature Candle - Bergamot Tobacco is a soy wax candle that is noteworthy due to its spicy and yet delicate fragrance. Richly adorn your home with the refreshing and invigorating Bergamot Tobacco scent. "I love this particular candle scent. It smells incredible and saturate the entire room/office.” - Anonymous, Apothica Customer